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Session I: Honoring Herstory – 4th South Bay Conference on Gender: Gender & Video Games

Session I: Honoring Herstory

Honoring the Strength and Resiliency of Immigrant Women

Presented by Farah Barnia, Karla Reyes and Sabby Kaur

Three immigrant women from different parts of the world (Mexico, Iran & India) will briefly present their powerful stories and divide the audience into small groups to discuss universal female and particular immigrant women’s issues in a safe environment. They will invite participants to imagine social circumstances, feelings, and challenges that the presenters experienced. In addition, they will design and perform a ritual that has a potential to connect women beyond borders and social divisions.
Spend time with Juana Briones who was a rancher, landowner and humanitarian. She was a Californio who lived from 1802 to 1889. Learn how she took her fight to save her land all the way to the Supreme Court. In a male dominated society Juana Briones got a separation from an abusive husband and owned land in North Beach, by the S.F. presidio, and all of Los Altos. She was also a curandera (healer) and partera (midwife). In a dramatic and historically accurate monologue and dialogue with the audience, Olga Loya uses her spellbinding storytelling skills to bring Juana Briones to life. This is done in Chautauqua style: First in Costume Olga Loya speaks as Juana, then answers questions as Juana, and then as a Californio scholar.

History Alive with Juana Briones

Presented by Olga Loya

I Program, You Code, She Keypunches

Presented by Marie Teixeira

Towards a gender-neutral conjugation of the verb ʺto computeʺ. We no longer keypunch, and ʺsheʺ is now likely to be lead programmer, project manager, or CEO, but even in the 21st century women encounter challenges to our ambitions. Hear one woman's stories about her path to and through a technology career, laugh at archaic situations, and become emboldened by women's abilities to persist in building the future. Let's share stories, celebrate advances, discover resources, and understand how we can help each other. You are not alone!
Every year our organization produces new videos to expand the growing narratives of Queer and Asian. This summer, our intern Sally Tran produced a documentary on queer, Asian and Pacific Islander (API) women and hair. She asked: How does hair define gender and sexuality? How do API women determine between what is appropriate at home and what is appropriate for ourselves? How does one choose to defy these boundaries? Sally interviewed 12 queer, API womyn all across California and documented their unique stories about hair. The production of this video is one of a kind and the hope is to inspire and empower other queer API women to be liberated through their own hair - to express themselves. Movie screening (2o minutes) will be followed up with a facilitated dialogue.

I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

Presented by Tracy Nguyen and Vanessa Coe