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Session II: Health, Wellness & Healing – 4th South Bay Conference on Gender: Gender & Video Games

Session II: Health, Wellness & Healing

Ecofeminism: Historical Perspectives and Importance in Our Local Context

Presented by Milina Jovanovic

While mainstream Women and Gender Studies programs hardly include any instruction on Ecofeminism, at this day and age it might be an imperative to revisit various Ecofeminist visions. We are increasingly forced to face realities of global climate change, frequent disasters, and our human existence on this planet seems more endangered as move towards the second half 21st Century. This workshop looks at the indivisible power and unbreakable links between women and nature: from pre-Hellenic Greek goddesses, to various other indigenous societies, to today’s Western world. The emphasis is on love, health, and healing as we attempt to reunite and reinforce the power of all life giving forces on the planet. This is not an easy task when forces of destruction penetrate every area of social life; global politics and global economy; threaten biodiversity; and endanger both human and natural subsistence.
Every year our organization produces new videos to expand the growing narratives of Queer and Asian. This summer, our intern Sally Tran produced a documentary on queer, Asian and Pacific Islander (API) women and hair. She asked: How does hair define gender and sexuality? How do API women determine between what is appropriate at home and what is appropriate for ourselves? How does one choose to defy these boundaries? Sally interviewed 12 queer, API womyn all across California and documented their unique stories about hair. The production of this video is one of a kind and the hope is to inspire and empower other queer API women to be liberated through their own hair - to express themselves. Movie screening (2o minutes) will be followed up with a facilitated dialogue.

I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

Presented by Tracy Nguyen and Vanessa Coe

Expect Respect: A Conversation on Relationships & Boundaries

Presented by Zephira Derblich-Milea

Healthy relationships are good for the soul. This workshop will offer you a safe space to discuss how to have healthy relationships with friends and dating partners. This will include a valuable discussion that helps identify our own boundaries of what we do or do not want in relationships (personal or professional). Included in this workshop will be interactive role-playing opportunities to problem-solve real life situations and practice how to set healthy boundaries.
Our workshop will address the multiple roles and expectations of the modern API woman, while providing context with a brief cultural and historical overview. Through an open dialogue of personal experiences, we will deconstruct the various barriers that prevent API womyn from practicing and even simply recognizing the need for self-care in today's dynamic world, and further address the consequences of neglecting such personal needs. This will be followed by an interactive group exercise (guided imagery/breathing), with the goal of promoting self-care and self-awareness as a ritualistic exercise. As an extension of the workshop, we will also provide participants with a ʺ30 dayʺ challenge of self-care activities (daily affirmations, meditation sessions, yoga, etc).

Nurturing the Warrior Inside: Self-care for API Womyn

Presented by Liza Pizarro, Christina Pham, Lan Thao Nguyen, Anna Huynh, Huong Nguyen and Mindy Nguyen