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Session III: Facing Forward – 4th South Bay Conference on Gender: Gender & Video Games

Session III: Facing Forward

Ecofeminism: Historical Perspectives and Importance in Our Local Context

Presented by Milina Jovanovic

While mainstream Women and Gender Studies programs hardly include any instruction on Ecofeminism, at this day and age it might be an imperative to revisit various Ecofeminist visions. We are increasingly forced to face realities of global climate change, frequent disasters, and our human existence on this planet seems more endangered as move towards the second half 21st Century. This workshop looks at the indivisible power and unbreakable links between women and nature: from pre-Hellenic Greek goddesses, to various other indigenous societies, to today’s Western world. The emphasis is on love, health, and healing as we attempt to reunite and reinforce the power of all life giving forces on the planet. This is not an easy task when forces of destruction penetrate every area of social life; global politics and global economy; threaten biodiversity; and endanger both human and natural subsistence.
How can we encourage students who are parents to continue their higher education? How do we identify student who need resources as a parent and student ? How can we advocate for single parent(s)?

Reclaiming Our Higher Education as Single Parent(s)

Presented by Elisha St. Laurent, Sherri Legaspi, Diana Crumedy, and Cindy Brown

Self-Determine Writing: The Self We Show, The Self We Hide

Presented by Lorenz Dumuk and Dennis Lozano

We live in a society obsessed with the impossible, perfect body. And OUR bodies become objects to scrutinize and detest, while our spirits are left wounded. This workshop seeks to connect mind, body, and soul through a series of writing exercises exploring the body and its power: that is, how our bodies are read, who defines our bodies, and how we can disrupt norms about the body with our own narratives. With the opportunity to share in critical dialogue and different modes of writing as relics of self-care and collective healing, the goal of this workshop is to ultimately dismantle notions of beauty and desire, and bring us to relate to one another in more humanizing ways.
In this workshop participants will share their experiences of community organizing. In addition participants will engage in and be guided through the process of starting a community organizing project including identifying social problems, needs of the community, resources and strengths of those involved in the project and developing strategies for social change.

Growing Roots through Collaboration: Going Forth as Community Organizers

Presented by Dr. Susan B. Murray and Dr. Tanya Saroj Bakhru